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Tash Vincze CCHt.



Location: Modo Yoga Nanaimo Photographer: Nicolina Kolster

Location: Modo Yoga Nanaimo Photographer: Nicolina Kolster


Group Hypnotherapy

  Experienced Yoga teacher and Hypnotherapist, Tash Vincze will take you through the basics of hypnotherapy and guide you through a hypnotherapy session on a specific theme. The intention is to leave you with new insights and also a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Heat: Reduced

Bring: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow for comfort. Bolster and eye pillow optional

Note: Please avoid caffeine 4 hours prior for best results


  • Drop-in: $35+tax

  • 6 Sessions: $179+tax

  • 12 Sessions: $315+tax

  • Modo Unlimited Members receive 10% off drop-in

Rutherford Line Up 

Tuesdays 7 - 8pm  #100 - 5271 Rutherford Rd.


​Jan 16: Meet your Spirit Guide
Jan 30: Body Restoration using Crystals
Feb 6: Healthy Boundaries
Feb 20: Energetic Protection
Mar 5:  Sleep Ease

Mar 19: Whole Body Healing

Dufferin Lineup

Sundays 3 - 4pm  1881 Dufferin Cres.

Jan 7: Stress Relief

Jan 21: Crystal Heart Opening

Feb 11: Cutting the Cord

Feb 25: Chakra Balancing

Mar 10: Meet your Spirit Guide

Mar 24: Body Restoration using Crystals



For best results, refrain from consuming caffeine for at least 4 hours prior to workshop. Option to use a pillow and blanket for comfort.  Eye pillow optional.


Restore and Reset


   This deeply calming workshop combines the healing benefits of Restorative Yoga and Hypnotherapy. Experience supportive yoga postures and gentle hypnotherapy guidance to relax your mind, enhance the healing journey, and calm your nervous system.

Dates: Jan 9 - March 26

When: 7pm - 8pm

Where: 100 - 5271 Rutherford Rd.

Heat: Reduced

Bring: Yoga mat, bolster, blanket and pillow


  • Drop-in: $35+tax

  • 6 Sessions: $179+tax

  • 12 Sessions: $315+tax

  • Modo Unlimited Members: 10% off Drop-in

  • Credits can be used interchangeably with Group Hypnotherapy​

Workshop Lineup

Jan 9: Grounding

Jan 23: Emotional Support

Feb 13: Heart Opening

Feb 27: Grounding

Mar 12: Emotional Support

Mar 26: Heart Opening

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