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    Tash Vincze CCHt. is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals whether they’re physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  As a yoga instructor and hypnotherapist, she has exciting opportunities to explore these aspects of self, with her students and clients.  Her teachings are inspired by spiritual masters, the magic of nature and astrology.

Her training includes:


  • Hypnotherapy training through Island Hypnosis 2007

  • Modo Yoga Teacher Level 1 2009

  • Modo Yoga Level 2 2014

  • Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark 2011

  • Yin Yoga training with Joe Barnett 2014

  • Mindfulness Training (meditation) with Rev. Frank Boccio 2012

  • Advanced Yoga teacher training with Natalie Rousseau 2016

  • Experts Academy with Brendan Burchard 2012

  • Nia White Belt with Martha Randall 2019


    "Since attending several of Tash's group hypnotherapy events, I have noticed significantly improved sleep and reduced stress.  The hypnosis takes place in a safe, pleasant environment  with a thoughtful introduction and expertly delivered experience.  With each subsequent session, I find I drift into deep state of relaxation effortlessly and awake feeling refreshed and amazingly calm." 


   ~Jacqueline Gautier, M.A., Psychotherapist

   "The techniques that Tash uses in her teaching help to create the perfect environment for incredible savasana, and a calm that stays with you long after you leave the studio.  Savasana in Tash's class is like a guided meditation. Her use of therapeutic touch and her training in Hypnotherapy allows her to bring her students into deeper states of relaxation and connection to inner peace." 

   ~Dr. Clare Craig

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